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Are you a talented and dedicated dancer looking to join a competitive team? South Walton Dance Company Studio is holding in-person auditions for our competition and performance teams. May 25, 2024 and June 7, 2024 at South Walton Dance Company in Freeport, FL. 


Dancers will be taught a small dance combo to perform, as well as demonstrate their technical skills. We are seeking dancers ages 6-18 with a passion for excellence in dance. Join us at our auditions and showcase your skills to join our elite teams. Don't miss this opportunity to become a part of our dynamic and talented dance community.  Auditioning for the Company Team requires a $25 fee, which will be reinvested into making our teams the best they can be.


To ensure the success of our teams, each dancer must be willing to commit to attending two  local conventions at minimum in the 2024-2025 season. This dedication will ensure they are pushing themselves to improve their skills and performance. Monthly Company Convention Fees will be auto drafted monthly to split the cost of the event payments in addition to the monthly class tuitions.  Additional payment will be due for costumes and dance entries which will be available once auditions are finalized and teams selected.  We want to make sure you understand the financial obligations prior to commiting and accepting team placment. 

You will sign a contract for the season that will be required for the success of each team. 


Our Company Team offers a variety of options for dancers of all ages and skill levels to be placed on one of our studio teams. From our Elite Company Team to our Hot Shot Mini Company Team, there is a suitable team for everyone. email us with any additional questions. 

Ashley Brooks

2024 - 2025 Company Team Auditions

  • Auditioning for the Company Team requires a $25 fee, which will be reinvested into our studio training. 

    Audition Fees are nonrefundable. 

  • Summer Tuition will be based on the required number of hours your dancer will be assigned.  If you are more than 10 days late for any payment your dancer will be removed from group dances and SWDC board meeting with accountant will review with you the options moving forward. 

    You understand all company classes are mandatory for the success of the team. If you are unable to commit to the obligations and miss more than 3 group practices and / or choreography sessions dancers will be removed from group dances and no refunds for choreography fees paid. 

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