South Walton Dance Company is offering a youth Hip Hop Class with Master Dance Instructor, Trix on April 30th.  This class will follow the Joffrey Ballet - Hip Hop Auditions. Join us for only $25 to learn a fun Hip Hop Combo that you're sure to love. 

Fun Facts about Trix:

Trix was a Cast Member of the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida performing in the shows and parades such as, Disney Channel Rocks, Star Wars Hyperspace Hoopla, Monsters University, and The Move it Shake it Celebrate it Street Party. Choreograph for the Orlando Magics Dance Team. 


Trix will provide the music and choreography, students will learn by visually seeing the choreography presented during class. Questions and clarification on movement will be answered throughout the class. It is encouraged for students to follow along with the teacher's movements. We will begin the class by having a full-body warm-up. Students will learn a choreographed combination. The combination is 5, 8 count segments total and will be upbeat in speed. There will be a range of movement from upper to lower body but all choreography that will inspire and challenge them.   Don't miss the chance to take classe with our Guest Instructors! 


Register today. Class space is limited. 


What do I wear? 

Wear Comfortable Althletic clothing, athletic shoes, and bring water. 

Where is the studio located? 

South Walton Commerce Park 

274 Serenoa Road unit A

Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 

Can parents watch the class? 


But, we invite you come back at 3:20 to watch groups dance it out. Feel free to record your child, please review our media policies. 

What Ages can take this class? 

Suggest 7 & up. 

This is only suggested. If your dancer is aleady in dance classes and are 6 and older we welcome anyone interested in dancing with us. 

What time is drop off and pick up? 

Class starts at 2:15 we welcome kids into the studio 10 minutes prior to class start time.

Pick up 3:30 - or arrive at 3:20 to watch what they've learned. 



Emails us at with any additional questions. 

April 30th Hip Hop Class

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