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The registration fee reserves your dancers class(es). This is a one time fee. Tuition rates are listed below for the season. 

Registration Fees are non-refundable. 

Interested in more than one class? Email to be added to any additional classes or if you have any questions. 


CLASS START AUGUST 22. 1st month tuition is prorated. 

We found a new studio space. This means we can start classes August 22nd!! We can't wait to dance this Fall. Hope you're having a great Summer. 


Class Levels: 

LV A     |  ages 5 - 6 

LV B     | ages 7 - 10 

LV C     | ages 10 + 

Intro to dance |  ages 3 - 4

Adult Classes  |   ages 13 + 



45 Min | $60

60 Min | $70

90 Min | $80


$10 discount applied to 2nd class enrolled 

$10 discount applied to third class enrolled 

$25 discount applied to 4+ classes enrolled 


Private: $50 | 45 Min

Private: $65 | 60 Min


Hourly Private Package Options:

4 hours | $240

6 hours | $320


About the classes: 

Introduction to Dance class focuses on rhythm, musicality, basic ballet positions and musical cues while encouraging the development of coordination. (2.5 - 4 year olds) 


Jazz class includes an introduction to proper warm-ups and stretches for the body combined with across-the-floor progressions and mini combinations. 


Ballet LV A offers introduction to the ballet vocabulary in a fun experience through our princess ballet cirriculum. Dancers will be introduced to the barre and start learning more challenging age appropriate combos will gradually throughout the season. (ages 5 - 7) 


Ballet LV B classes begin with work at the barre to build strength and coordination, followed by center exercises, culminating in a grand allegro combinations or variations. Clear explanations of exercises and theory help students use the ballet vocabulary in a simple, practical way that leads to increased technical understanding, healthy physical development, and lifelong enjoyment. ( 7 - 10) 


Ballet LV C focuses on emphasis on understanding correct body placement, proper use of turn out, coordination of the upper body (epaulement), and the use of arms (port de bras). Class begins with work at the barre to build strength and coordination, followed by center exercises, culminating in a grand allegro combinations or variations.


Lyrical / Ballet LV C will start with barre exercises, center floor work, and across-the-floor combinations. The dancer is taught to interpret his or her movement with feeling, emotion, and style.


Hip Hop  is a high-energy class that infuses the latest styles of street dancing, breaking, popping, and locking. Classes will encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own individual style and personality to the movements with age appropriate music and combos. Hip Hop dance requires students to have strength & stamina. Therefore, class includes upper and lower body conditioning as well as warm up to help students prepare for more intense movements as they train. 


Acro focuses on basic tumbling and dance skills to develop strength, coordination, timing, and flexibility. Beginning acro technique and basic vocabulary are introduced. Strengthening exercises will also be incorporated into this hour long class. 


Dance Conditioning will focus on conditioning and strengthening combos to enhance students' technique by focusing on training the muscle memory required in each exercise in all forms of dance. While using ballet-technique specific exercises dancers will work to gain core strength and flexibility using plyometric styles of exercises. 

Fall Registration

  • Registration Fee is a Non Refundable Fee. The registration fee registers you for the 2022-2023 season. You will also recieve paperwork for our monthly tuition to set up ACH draft.  Registration fee does not include tuition payment, recital fee, or any additional fees associated with SWDC 2022-2023 season. 

    email to with any questions. 


  • Once Registration Fee is paid you are enrolled in the class, if you would wish to transfer classes you must email to do so. SWDC will do their best to transfer your dancer to alternative class, pending room and availability. You must give written notice 14 days prior to the Auto Draft date (first of each month) to cancel. Failure to give notice 14 days prior will result in drafted tuition (this is non-refundable and nonnegotiable ). By completing this registraiton you agree to the policy terms stated.