Jazz C 

Forth Year (10 +) 5:00PM - 6:00PM
Dress Code: Any Leotard with shorts, leggings, tights. 

This is an hour class. 

This class is for those dancers with atleast a single / double turn and have taken jazz for 4 + years. If you have quesdtions about placement please contact StudioA@SoWalDance.com before you register. 

Thursday Jazz C 5:00PM

  • Registration is per dancer. This is a one time non-refundable fee. If you plan to register for more than one class pleasse add to the notes at check out.

    List the Class, Day and Time of class you would like to enroll. You can also email StudioA@SoWalDance.com with the class(es) requested, we will adjust the registration.  

    1 class - full price tuition 
    2 classes - $10 off class price 
    3 classes - $15 off class price